Volunteers and Chaperones

   Looking to Volunteer at an APS school?  Awesome! 

Below are the steps needed to get the process started: 

Applications must be submitted five business days prior to your scheduled volunteer date. This gives selected school’s volunteer liaison time to review your application, assign the SafeSchools training course, and process your application once the training has been completed. Same day volunteer applications are not accepted.  Once you submit the application, you will receive an email confirmation it has been submitted.  This does not mean you are approved to volunteer.

If you are a first-time volunteer, please complete the volunteer application and send an email to your selected school’s volunteer liaison. Once the application is submitted, you need to complete the 35-minute SafeSchools training course on sexual misconduct: staff to student.  Please note – this training will come from “SafeSchools.”  If you do not receive it within 48 hours, please check your junk mail.  If you still do not see it, please contact your school’s volunteer liaison.  Once you have completed the training course, please email your certificate of completion to your selected school’s volunteer liaison for application approval.  At this time, you are not yet an approved volunteer.  The volunteer liaison still needs to process your application and training certificate.  You will receive an email from “Raptor System” with the subject line “Volunteer Application Approved” once they have done so.  When you receive this email, it will provide you with instructions on how to activate your Volunteer Portal Account.  This email serves as your official approval to begin coming into the building to volunteer.  If you have not received the email, please do not report to volunteer.

Direct link to volunteer application:

English Application

Spanish Application

Helpful things to know when volunteering:

  • Every time you come to volunteer a valid photo id is required.
  • The very first time you come to volunteer, please allow a few extra minutes.  The office staff will need to register your photo id in the computer system.  This will take 2-3 minutes.
  • Every other time you come in, you will simply need to scan your id, select “volunteer” on the screen, and select the location you will be visiting (classroom, library, PTA closet…).  The system will generate a badge for you.  You must wear this badge the entire time you are in the building.
  • Once you are done volunteering, you need to sign out.  You can do so by scanning the bar code on your volunteer badge; you do not need to take out your photo id again.
  • Volunteers must retake safe schools training every three years if they renew their application.