Setting Up Your iPad

Arlington Public Schools is providing your student an iPad for educational use during distance learning. Please note that the iPad is the property of Arlington Public Schools.

Please complete the two steps below to set up your iPad for home use:

Step One: Sign into Global Protect

Before your student can use their learning apps, they must be signed in to the Global Protect app on your home wi-fi network or your hotspot. The iPad will not connect to your home internet without this app. Watch the login video:

Step Two: Sign Into Hub

The Hub app allows us to send app updates to student iPads. It is very important that students sign into this app.  The app should already be signed in for you, but if not, please follow these steps:

  1. Locate and tap the icon pictured above.
  2. If you see a pop-up message, tap “Allow” or “Always Allow”.
  3. Login:
    1. Username: student ID number
    2. Password: student’s APS password
  4. (possible prompt:) Tap the button that says “I understand”.
  5. (possible prompt:) Tap the black button that says “I agree”.
  6. Once you see your student’s ID number on the Account page you can close the app.

Optional (This may not apply to you)
Connecting a Hotspot

If your student received a hotspot with their iPad, please watch this login video: