Message from the Clinic

As you may have noticed, spring allergies are in full swing and we are seeing an increased number of clinic visits for itchy, watery, red eyes; sniffles and sneezing; and other spring allergy symptoms. Unfortunately, we don’t have medications to give out here in the clinic; all we can do is assist the child to wash their eyes and take a rest. If you feel your child could benefit from taking allergy meds such as Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec, eye drops, or nasal spray, please check with your pediatrician and give these medications at home before the school day. Other tips to minimize the effects of spring allergies are:

  • Have your child wash their hands and face as soon as they come in from playing outside so they don’t rub pollen in their eyes and nose. Better yet, rinse them off in the shower.
  • Check the forecast for pollen levels and try to limit outdoor activities when pollen counts are at their highest.
  • Dry laundry in the dryer. Since pollen can coat clothing, avoid hanging laundry outside to dry.
  • Have your child take their bath or shower at bedtime to rinse off the pollen from the day’s activities
  • Keep windows in your home and car closed and use air conditioning to filter the air. Make sure the air conditioner is in re-circulating mode.

Here in the clinic, we share your goal of keeping your kids in their classroom, healthy, and learning! Source: Seasonal Allergies: Keeping Symptoms in Check | Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (

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