NP4H at Jamestown

No Place for Hate® is a school climate improvement program that fits each school’s unique culture and needs. NPFH offers a framework to support the APS goal of establishing an inclusive learning environment for all by building a learning community of inclusivity, respect and equity.

To be considered a NPFH school, all students and staff members sign the NPFH Pledge and participate in a series of school-wide activities. A committee of staff members, parents, and students meet regularly to examine data and determine the most effective activities to further our equity work and meet the needs of our school community.

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Jamestown’s first No Place for Hate® activity in April 2021 was the One Book, One School Lesson. Classroom teachers read and discussed the book Adrian Simcox Does Not Have a Horse by Marcy Campbell with their students. The lesson explored the book’s anti-bias theme as they discussed the concepts of empathy, bias, and inclusiveness. Following the discussion, every student engaged in a follow-up activity. We provided a Family Discussion Guide to promote these conversations at home.