Jamestown Library

Back to the Books!

Students are back in the library and checking out print books.

As we learn and re-learn our library routines, students are checking out books with their class every two weeks. Students are able to come to the library before school (8:45 to 8:55) to return books or to select new books.

We look forward to seeing empty shelves and encouraging students to read for pleasure.

Virtual Book Choices

Virtual book choices are always available for our readers. You do not need a school-issued device to access these resources. Directions can be found in the Jamestown Library Canvas Course.

Read an eBook or listen to an audiobook. Choose to checkout from a selection of hundreds of ebooks and audiobooks by logging in to Destiny Discover or MackinVIAMackinVIA

Listen and read along to a TumbleBook!

Tumblebooks can be accessed through MackinVIA (click on Databases)
TumbleBooks logo with dancing books

If you are having trouble with any of these resources, please email Ms. Blaine.




@inkyelbows OF COURSE I WOULD BE DELIGHTED NO CREDIT NEEDED (but do I want my name associated with Debbie Ridpath Ohi?! YES, so maybe YES CREDIT ME).
Published September 16, 21 12:12PM


@ReadEarlyDaily The nerd in me is dying to find out the keywords they used to find these titles, because some of these books are not the books they think they are (based on what we can see is the common denominator).
Published September 16, 21 12:11PM