All About Jamestown

At Jamestown, our mission is to educate all children in an optimal learning environment, preparing them for success now and in the future. We foster empathy, curiosity and growth for all.

Teachers and staff use the Responsive Classroom approach to support students’ social and emotional needs along with a demanding academic program. Grade level and vertical teams analyze student work and compile data that drives instructional programming within professional learning communities.

In collaboration with parents, the Jamestown staff is committed to excellence, high expectations, and the successful academic, social, and emotional development of students. We strive to empower students to be responsible for their own learning.

Vision Statement

At Jamestown Elementary School students are actively engaged in challenging learning experiences. Instruction is interactive and meaningful. The staff displays a variety of student work and provides the resources to support and enhance the learning process. All members of the Jamestown Community work together to support school goals. Students, staff, and community work together as lifelong learners, continuing to grow as productive, caring, and self-reliant citizens.